The Synops platform

The team at Synops follow a holistic approach to the design and development of our product. We are focussed on a user centered design approach and launched our first release in January 2016. At present the product is fully operational in the following areas:


Forecasting Insight

The platform has a forecast management module, providing customers with a single location to manage and plan their FX. It gives full visibility of current status, hedge accuracy, hedged vs unhedged amounts and Value at Risk (VaR). It empowers customers to make fully informed hedging decisions and collaborate more effectively with their broker.

Balance sheet hedging:

FX remeasurement is more than just an accounting entry, it directly impacts a company’s profitability and valuation. For companies with longer cash cycles and smaller margins, the effect of remeasurement can skew reported earnings and completely wipe out a months profit. Balance Sheet hedging can offset remeasurement by up to 80%.

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Cash flow hedging:

This product uses business forecasts to drive hedging intelligently. Synop’s S-Programmes automate the placement of multiple ‘layered’ forward trades, resulting in a stable and predictable FX rate.

Performance Analysis:

Synops records all trade activity – both through Synop's programmes and ad-hoc trading – and allows companies to benchmark their effectiveness against the market, in an easy to use visually led interface.

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Platform screenshots