What we offer

Sometimes, your particular FX situation isn’t covered by a standard offering. Synops now offer consultation to help you and your business navigate the complex world of FX management and define the right strategy for you.

Synops can help you with:

~  Setting corporate-wide FX Risk management policy
~  Defining an auditable FX risk framework, objectives, metrics and processes
~ Help in understanding special hedge accounting, and hedge effectiveness measures

Our specialist areas are:

~  Cross border transactions with contingent risk prior to close
~  Investment M&A FX risk, across the full cycle
~  Maximising functional currency IRR during investment lifetime
~  Contingent hedging alternatives, including deferred premium or compound options, deal-contingent forwards and swaps

Paul Stafford; Chief Engineer, has written a range of white papers on FX that shed additional light on typical FX problems companies encounter, and how Synops works towards solving them.

You can view the articles here.

Whatever your need, Synops can help you manage your risk; whether it’s plain vanilla import/export, or a large, one-off deal. Get in touch with us now to discuss your situation and requirements.